About the artist

Maryam Alakbarli was born on July 4, 1991, in Baku (Azerbaijan). She became interested in art since her childhood. She studied in different schools of Baku and Moscow. At present, she is a student of the Higher School of Decorative Art in Paris.

The artist’s oeuvre is ingenious. She bravely plays with forms and colors, creating a vivid, harmonious, safe world. One of the peculiarities of her painting is her work with color and color-complementary contrasts.

“Complementary colors make a strange pair. They are opposite, yet… incite each other to maximum vividness when together”, writes J. Itten, one of the Bauhaus founders.

Alakbarli chooses colors masterly. Her tool is, first of all, intuition of a great artist, supported by practice. Her inherent feeling of color distinguishes her art. Using her intuition the artist achieves results that take many years of education for others.

Maryam Alakbarli is a person with Down’s syndrome. She perceives the outer world in an unusual way and invites the viewers to see the world through her eyes.

Thierry Dufresne, a French art historian, says about Alakbarli’s oeuvre, «When I first saw her drawings and abstract compositions, I immediately understood what she was doing and trying to convey through her works. It was a return to the origin. To the moment when all forms were just a light and they all were equal».
Cheerful and tranquil paintings by Alakbarli reflect her deep personal approach to everything that surrounds us. In the era of technological triumph and total rationality, she puts much sincerity, harmony and goodness into her artworks. At present, during her happy school years, Alakbarli enjoys the new level of development in her art. People who have denied and are still denying the right to study on the same level with healthy children, the right to become full-fledged members of our society to children with Down’s syndrome, have never appreciated their unique feature to give joy to people around them. Art as a paradoxical thing has given Maryam Alakbarli a wonderful chance to express her love of nature in all its manifestations.